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.yo. AHHHHHHHHHHHHH!! i wish i could talk and scream i uber jeoulous of everyone. talking.
man now i know how people feel when i talk a lot.

but i am happy because i made my teacher cry.. well unintentionally. i wrote her a letter that said that she was my role model and she inspires me. and then i hugged her. i stopped by after lunch and she told me to ask my parents so i can go to the art store after school.

yay! me happy i have an active week. a James Brown painting/drawing.
2.go to the store with Mrs.Thomas(painting). a painting/drawing for The book Bell Jar.
4.get hair did (Prom)
5.get nail's did ^
6.get makeup done ^

well that isn't very much

and happy because of something else...

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