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I am going crazy i think..

how a long time since i updated this thing..
well i think i am going crazy. i was talking to Angelo and then this girl came on .which was still him. he is a bad liar. and i was arguing with this girl. and tell her that makeing fun of her was entertainent for me but that''s besides the point that i am crazy..

i was on the computer right now on this website i am putting on clothes on beyonce and Jlo.
and they where glossy and oily looking .ick.
since my door was open i saw my dad pass by..

Papi: you were awake all night long?
Me: well yea.. where are you going?
Papi: to work
Me: but its only 3:00
Papi: No it's 6:00...
::papi walks away::
::me starts laughing my ass off!!::
ahahahahahahhhhhehehehehehehehhehehhhHHhHhhhahahsheh...... wow its 6:00

just typing this down makes me laugh even how dumb i am some times.
but my laptop says -- its 3:43.. it lied i was going to go to sleep now because it said 3 but now that my dad told me it was 6:00 i dont wanna go to sleep

ahh i see the light.. very lovely
i just desided i am not going to sleep now but i am a bit sleepy but then i'll waste my day..
and wake up late again. i don''t want that to happen

my plan will then be too..
drink lots of coffee
and soda
yes i will be suger high!

is it suger or sugar?
which is right?

lets see what do i have to do?
huh yea that
and that.
yea no sleep for me today
i wonder how i'll manage that?

my sister wants to go to the mall tommorow..

i always spelled tommorow as tommorow and i thought i was rightbut its accually spelled..

ahh yes!
i wonder how high school will be next year .
it gonna be fun cause george will be there and we will have fun on the bus.. i'am sure
but on the other hand i'll harder classes so i'll have to do homework and not skipp some classes..
but i still will skip!!.heheheheheh

that better not happen again that i am the only one that have a different lunch from all my other friends i'll be so fucking pissed like this year..but i did get to meet some cool friends.

but that better not fucking happen damnit. or to george, lauren, jobeth, or jessica i'll feel there pain..
well if they are angry at that.

that reminds me i have to fix my bookbag i already started to cut off the straps so i just need to put new ones..

but what do you care?
man i am just talking shit.. it would be funny if i just deleted this whole entry and no one read it.
accually that would really suck cause i am hurting my neck typing all this shit down.

someone step on my back!
erica and joanne where are you wheni need you?
akk i have a rash on my arm .it hurts. thats bad.

Angelo was scaring he went into like 20 different emotions in a span of 3 minutes..Literally.
ohh hi - dull
i was thinking.. - serious
I love you! - lovey and hyper
i want to.. - censored.
man this is shit - angry
aww.. - sad and whiney
hurry! hurry! send! - paranoid and just plain freaky.
i miss you - stupid and girly. that was a bit mean. don't ya think
you get the point.

boy, i think i am a bit mean.. he said i love you still and i just said ok..
that sucks that i dont love him or like him anymore and he still likes or loves me..
thats horriable..

and for you who don't know who Angelo is he is my ex.boyfrirnd that lives in santo domingo
but i go there.. well used to go like it was my second home. all the time.
well that it with that.

aww crap i hafta pee..

ahhh i put this aloe thing on my rash and it burns!
but now it soothes me mmm..
but if i touch it then it hurts
i must be quiet my mom is awake i hear her...
if she knew i were awke she would tell me to do things.
ok i think she is getting ready to go to woke once she leaves i will start loading myself with sugery or sugary sweets.
and make my self fatter then i am already.
accually i won't i'll justget something to drink.and watch tv.
but the internet is more interesting..hmmm or maybe i should clean my i said i was gonna.
'ell no fuck that.
you see what i mean i am typing to my self and arguing with my self what a LOSER!

.. its 7:30 i think now cause my laptop reads 4:33.

yay for blasts from the past!
i was talking to kris hours ago who remembers when and he is still cool like before..
in middle school in mrs. leaf's class
the good days. no stress and stupid high school bullshit with classes, people and friends.
not saying high school is a total bitch it's really great at times and i kinda don't want it to end like middle school ended. but some reason i would like to just get the fuck out of there and here sometimes.
that happens guess.

wow now i am changeing into a million moods.. let me just finish this whole thing now.

you know what would really be great..
if all of us got together in the last week of summer for a party or something like that
that would really awesome.
i think my mama's ready to leave now.

peace out everyone i proably won't do this again in a long time.

peace out! .again.
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