music of the spheres

mousike runs though iris

19 May
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Rain falls hard
Burns dry
A dream
Or a song
That hits you so hard
Filling you up
And suddenly gone

Breathe feel love
Give free
Know in your soul
Like your blood knows the way
From your heart to your brain
Knows that you're whole

And you're shining
Like the brightest star
A transmission
On the midnight radio
And you're spinning
Like a 45
Dancing to your rock and roll]

Here's to Patti
And Tina
And Yoko
And Nona
And Nico
And me
And all the strange rock and rollers
You know you're doing all right
So hold on to each other
You gotta hold on tonight

And you're shining
Like the brightest star
A transmission
On the midnight radio
And you're spinning
Your new 45s
For the misfits and the losers
Yeah, you know you're rock and rollers
Spinning to your rock and roll

Lift up your hands
Lift up your hands
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